AutoProxy the only fully automatic Proxy Configuration tool

AutoProxy automatically identifies the actual Network location and switches to the corresponding Profile changing the Proxy Settings, Default Printer and Default Home Page.

o Automatically determine network location
o Automatically activate network profile (Proxy/Printer/Start Page)
o Maintain Network Profile - For each Location decide if to apply proxy settings to IE and/or Firefox
o Stop/Start selected Windows Services (e.g. Firewall, Virus Scanner)
o Enable/Disable/Redstart Network adapters

o now including AutoRefresh: Send specified Key Sequence to selected window (e.g. SAPGui Workprocess Overview) every n seconds

Easy Maintenance of Network Locations
+++ see more screenshots +++

System Requirements:

o Operation Systems: Microsoft Windows 7
o Actual Version: x32/x64 (20.07.2012)
o Language: English

- Main Memory usage (Extended Control) x32/x64: 5.49 MB
- Required hard disk space (all tools): 4.24 MB
- CPU usage (Auto Proxy Standard/Extended Control) 5-30 sec./hour

Download fully functional version (32 or 64 bit):

AutoProxy 32bit (ZIP: 5.79 MB) or installer AutoProxySetup 32bit (EXE: 2.88 MB)
AutoProxy 64bit (ZIP: 6.65 MB) or installer AutoProxySetup 64bit (EXE: 2.99 MB)

+++++ See Documentation for more details! +++++

source code on request